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Scroll down to see what others are doing.  We hope you’ll be inspired as you read, laugh, think and consider how we are all being more conscious of creating a brighter, more sustainable future!


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“We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands” Song is Free and Green

Share this fun “recycled” folksong as a part of your Earth Day or other ecology-related activities. Get the free mp3 download on DARIA’s Earth Day 2013 page, or make up your own verses and keep the great message spreading.  To … Continue reading

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Hello Good Friends Who Love The Earth:

We started this site a few years ago to allow folks to share ways they care for the planet.   We’ve loved your suggestions

Since we’re not updating these regularly now, we invite you to cruise through any of the truly creative and practical suggestions we’ve received over the past few years.  Also, connect with us to get the freebies found on this site – the Earth Day song, poster, activities  and more.

And you’re welcome to say “hi” to any of our founders.  We’d love to hear from you!

DARIA – Shares world music with a planet full of amazing people, especially the little ones!

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FARAH – Amazing artist that creates multicultural art to inspire and enlighten lives.

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TRACY – Super website woman, great graphic artist.  Need I say more?

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Make it an Earth Day, Everyday!

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