(157) They Show You How To Be A Friend To Pollinators

Did you know that animal pollinators are needed for 35% of the world’s food crops?

And – without pollinators, there would be no chocolate, almonds, melons, strawberries or blueberries?

Although many people have heard about the disappearance of bees, these websites will help you understand more about all the different types of pollinators and how you can make a difference in this important matter.  Changes suggested are simple and can be done anywhere by anyone – such as having a water source for bees and butterflies or leaving dead trees or logs around so that there will be as a safe habitat for pollinators.

Learning more about your local environment and what can be done to help can be a lot of fun as well as a practical way to love the Earth.   Check out these helpful resources:

All About Insects and Pollinators from the USDA site:


How Gardeners Can Help Pollinators


How Farmers Can Help Pollinators


Short video – Be A Friend To Pollinators From  Earth Knowledge Portal



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