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    • We use rain water for our indoor and outdoor plants. the children place all their plastic containers and paper in our recyle boxes

  2. Hi Daria! Seems I’m using less fuel by not motoring off to see you in-person these days, and relying on e-contact and CD-enjoyment. Some green things may not be worth it. I miss your non-virtual face.

    Meanwhile, at my new New York City massage therapy and holistic bodywork studio there is a radiator in front of a big window in my practice room. I have a large vent cut into the shelf over the length of that heat source so that warmth distributes more efficiently. And for the warm months of the year, I will place a window box for plants in the cut-out so that, here in the Big City, my clients and I are more connected to the natural beauty of the earth — as the plants sweeten the air in the studio.

  3. We pay for curb-side recycling of paper, cans, plastics and glass, which is most of the garbage, anyways! I look for used books (after working for a thrift store I realized how many are burned!) clothes, and household items. I keep house plants, tend a small vegetable garden, and eat meat substitutes whenever possible. I guess I’m more green than I realized.

  4. my entire family is vegetarian which helps the planet in so many ways. We also only use CLF bulbs and are on a time use plan with our electricity. I also car pool daily. My family also buys most of our clothes second hand along with a lot of toys and books. We recycle lots of items in our house to donate to my son’s school for craft projects.

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