This blog was started by three “green” ladies who wanted to find a way to share our creativity more broadly with the world.

Each of us are artists and have spent many of the past years  considering – how do we live out the values that we hold dear – caring for the Earth, working peaceably with others and letting our creative lights shine?   Since we are artists, we are generally more focused on giving things away and sharing our work, so this site was set up as a place for friends to come together and share their ideas, simple solutions and then be able to receive songs free, download an inspirational poster, connect with art and musical craft activities and see what other-like minded folks are doing.

We hope you check out all the posts – old and and new – and enjoy!  We hope you give us your suggestions and request the cd downloads and get the poster and artwork as well.  Share this site with friends, teachers, kids.  It’s a fun conversation starter for new ways of “being green”.

Although I generally agree with Kermit the frog, today I must disagree…   I think it is EASY… AND FUN … TO BE GREEN!


One thought on “About

  1. I want to urge people to go to their local Earth Day events. You will learn lots of ways that you can help your community with their specific ecology challenges. For example, in Malibu they are working on cleaning up their bay.

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