156 – They Show You How To Raise Chickens – In Your Backyard!

Although farmers have crowed about the value of keeping chickens for centuries, many families with smaller yards have begun to appreciate what “backyard” chickens can contribute to their family.   And many new breeds have excellent personalities as pets plus some types (Arucana and Americanas) even lay delicately colored blue, green or pink eggs.

Rules and regulations for keeping chickens vary from place to place, with the most concerns relating to the noise from an early morning (or all night) rooster.  To solve that problem, some companies now sell chicks that are “sexed” as female only.   And a variety of businesses also sell small “chicken tractors”, movable chicken housing that allows them to move and graze throughout a small space while they grow and lay eggs for you.

For all the latest news, ideas and products for keeping backyard chickens, check out this helpful resources.  They provide a great way to consider making backyard poultry a part of your life:





Know of any more great sites or publications on this topic?  E-mail us at daria at makemusicwithme dot com and we’ll add them here!


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