(155) She Knows What To Do With Pieces of Fabric Scraps – Haiti Peace Quilts!

Have you ever had a box of extra fabric scraps – remnants or pieces from an older project that you’ve completed?  Have you been tempted to throw them out in the trash – well, stop before you toss.  As you probably imagined, they can have a whole other life as part of a beautiful quilt – even if you aren’t a quilter yourself.

Check out Haiti Peace Quilts – this is one place you can donate scraps of fabric usable for quilts as well as other quilting material.  They have an easy-to-reach address in Boston for the scraps, so donating is as easy and packing and shipping to anywhere else in the USA.  To support this cause you can also purchase the finished items and allow women in this crisis-worn country a way toward self-determination

Here’s the Haiti Peace Quilts site:


And a description of what is needed as donation or other ways to help:


Does anyone know any other places that would like fabric donations? We are happy to do a post about them here as well!  Thanks for spreading the word.

One person’s trash can be another’s warm and cozy blanket!


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