165 – She Shows You How To Color Easter Eggs With All Natural Dyes!

Want to have a greener Easter?

This all natural craft is direct from Diane Kidman’s awesome blog (see link below).  She’s given us permission to print her instructions here so you can create a rainbow of natural eggs for Easter morning or just for the fun of it!

We tried it with materials we found around the kitchen and came up with these little beauties pictured above! Here are Diane’s instructions:
Here’s how to color your Easter eggs naturally, using things like spices and vegetables.  Some of the colors are vivid, others more earthy and muted; I think the overall effect is beautiful.

Don’t forget to buff the eggs w/ a touch of olive oil for a nice shine.

Preparation: In a pan add water, a vegetable, fruit, or spice from the list below, and a tablespoon of vinegar. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 20 – 30 minutes. Allow the water to cool to room temperature, strain out the veggies, fruit, or spice, (unless you want speckled eggs) and add the already-boiled eggs. You can leave the eggs in the color for as long as you wish, even overnight in the fridge, to get the desired color. Here’s the color chart that will tell you which natural item to use with your eggs:

Red: 3 Tbs. Chili Powder (reddish orange) or lots of red onion skins (purplish red) or chopped fresh beets

Orange: Yellow Onion skins

Yellow: Ground Turmeric or Orange Peel or Lemon Peel or ground cumin

Green: Spinach Leaves; or mix turmeric with red cabbage 

Blue: Red Cabbage Leaves (about 1/2 a head, chopped) or canned blueberries

Purple Grape Juice (no need to boil first or to add water)

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