158 – Enjoy Flowers In Winter Without Adding To Your Carbon Footprint – Force Some Forsythia!

If you’re longing to add some bright color to a dreary winter day, you can take a little time to practice the art of forcing plants.  Simply explained, you either bring cut branches of flowering shrubs inside (like the forsythia pictured here) or prepare bulbs and leave them indoors.  The warmer temperatures “trick” the plants into thinking it’s time to grow and bloom and you can enjoy the result without adding to the cost of growing and shipping and growing hothouse flowers.  Other then the bulbs, the supplies you need may be as simple as pebbles, water and a glass container!

Aside from the bright yellow flowers of forsythia, what kind of plants can you force?  Bulbs work the best.   Consider any of the following and feel free to read more at the posts listed below that give step-by-step instructions and other helpful hints.

Best Bulbs/Flowers For Forcing


Narcissi and Daffodils



Oxalis (Shamrocks)


Dutch Irises


Real Simple’s Article – How To Force Bulbs Into Bloom:


Savvy Gardeners’ Post:  Forcing Bulbs Indoors:



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