(142) She Founded A Fair Trade Company That Creates Great Products and Good Jobs For Women At The Same Time

What would the world be like if job creators not only thought “green” but also thought “fair” at the same time.  Sonya shows us that it is possible to do business and do good at the same time.  Here’s how she describes what she does:

My name is Sonya and I’m one of the founders of an online marketplace called “Lil’Soak + Friends”.  We started this business because we wanted to do something to help those who were living in a poverty or who were marginalized by society and were not given a lot of opportunities.  We wanted to empower them by finding sustainable work so that they are able to provide for themselves and their families.  We started working with a group of women in the Philippines to make a modern stylish nursing cover.  It was important to us that the product not only was paid fair wages but it was something modern and stylish that you would find a boutique store in New York.  We keep to hope either designing or curating products from these smaller groups of artisans in the future.

The picture below is one of our artisans in the Phililppines with her son.  She is thankful for the Sewing Project that we support as she is the main breadwinner of her family.  The work helps sustain her family but also given the flexible work hours, she is still able to care for her family.

Find out more at:  : http://lilsoak.com/about

More about their good goods:   http://lilsoak.com/catalog/18


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