(131) They Show You How To Make a Homemade Wood-Fired Oven – Out of Dirt!

If you’ve ever visited the American Southwest, you’ve probably noticed those little beehive shaped outdoor ovens made of adobe used to bake delicious breads.Well, Kiko Denzer and Hannah Field show you how to create your own version of this useful creation out of basic building materials that anyone has in their backyard – dirt!   Their book – Build Your Own Earth Oven – is simple, easy to follow and has dozens of examples of amazing ovens from simple, plain ones to creative sculptured ones shaped like turkeys, snails and even a falcon.   This book really shares a great way to get creative, make your own healthy foot and still be able to play in the dirt at the same time.

You can find their book an Amazon.com at:

Permalink: http://amzn.com/096798467X


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