(117) They’ve Formed A GREEN TEAM To Make Recycling Fun!

Jan writes about what several teachers at her elementary school have come up with.  Check out these ideas – they are easy, effective and fun!  Great work, Jan!

“At our new elementary school, a small group of teachers have formed “The Green Team” to make it fun and easy to recycle everyday items.  We have colorful posters and recycle bins all over the school showing what to recycle and in which bin—even batteries and CD’s—and used eyeglasses that can be given to charitable organizations.  The upper elementary students make sure each of the smaller bins (eg. For all the rinsed out plastic milk containers used in our daily lunch program) are put into the large recycle bins outside the school.  We are hoping to begin composting our garbage and using it to fertilize a garden we hope to begin at school with plants native to our state.  We also are collecting metal juice pouches that will be sent to an organization that recycles these into goods like purses, and get a small amount of money in return that we will use to continue your recycling efforts and education.”


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