(106) She Suggests That Parents Try Cloth Diapers!

Lisa from Johnstown, NY had a great experience with using cloth diapers instead of a mountain of disposable ones.  Read about it here:

“I suggest that everyone with a young one use cloth diapers.  We do!  We bought our cloth diaper stash while I was pregnant.  Probably spent around $600 total, but that was over 9 months, so that isn’t so bad.  We bought used off of e-bay (they were in good condition) and now have 64 Bum Genius diapers with 128 cloth inserts.  They are so easy to use.  You just throw them in the washer with a cloth diapering safe detergent. Dry with no fabric softener and reuse.  I cant image wasting money on disposables, then wasting money on the dump fees when they are in the trash.  I’ve seen the prices. Some are $10 for 30 diapers.  We would go through 30 diapers in 2 days!  I’ve probably spent another $100 on extra fun diapering stuff in the past 5 months since the baby has been born, like special detergents, special cloth diapering safe rash cream, a wet bag, hemp pads for night time wetting, etc.  But overall, we are very happy.  Even my husband who was slightly scared of the idea, but loved it after trying it and loves the savings even more.  I know some people say that the water wasted washing them isn’t great for the environment.  But we have 64 diapers, when a lot of people only have 24.  I have a full load when I wash.  I’m am not wasting if I have a full load. And you can sun dry them to get rid of stains and not use electricity of running your dryer.  Thank you.  :)”

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