(98) They Celebrate Earth Day and World Environment Day In South Africa!

Blogger Michael E writes about World Environment Day and Earth Day activities in South Africa in his recent post for Urban Sprout:

Here in South Africa, we do not take much notice of Earth Day, preferring to celebrate World Environment Day, which is held in June. However, we need to take note of any green celebration, especially one this big,as shouldn’t every day should be earth day? What can we do as individuals every day that will help our environment and conserve biodiversity?

The Earth Day Network, who promote Earth day 2010 say that Earth Day can be “a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs.”

The major theme of Earth Day 2010 is “a billion acts of green” and the Earth Day Network is asking people to make personal commitments to sustainability and write these on their website. The Earth Day Network states that “more than one billion people in 190 countries are taking action for Earth Day, making it the largest secular event in the world.” If we follow their example and all do our bit we can make a difference in our contribution to climate change.

Some Earth Day events planned in South Africa

FLOW (For Love of Water) are running an initiative for Earth Day. They want people to make a pledge to use water more wisely saying that “I promise to respect water as the source of life, to be mindful of how I use water and to preserve water sources”. You can go and make your pledge on their website.

Read more in Michael’s blog:



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