(96) This Kindergartner is Already Making A Big Difference In His Home and Neighborhood!

Oliver writes and tells us that next year he will be in first grade.  However, he has already practicing many of the principles of using less and has fun taking part in his neighborhood recycling campaign.  He tells us:
“When I finish my yogurt, I rinse out the pot and put it in the plastic recycling bag.  I sometimes put my finished pictures into the paper recycling bag.  It’s very hard to do that because I want to keep my pictures forever, so I don’t do it very often.  When the bags are full, my Mama and I take them to the recycling bins down the street.  I love to throw in the glass jars and bottles, and listen to them smash.  I also love to watch the truck come to empty the bins, with the big hugest lever that lifts up a whole bin and the bottom comes off.  I will go to first grade next year.”

Keep up the great work, Oliver!  You are sure to inspire others!


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