(93) This Trio of Talented Friends Created the “Let’s Go Green Kids” Cd!

Murray Orrick is one of the creative minds behind an exciting cd of kids songs called:  Let’s Go Green Kids. Murray tells us how this inspiring and fun musical project came about:

“This project started just before Randy and I were about to write our second children’s CD when my wife came up with the idea of producing an album of songs for kids about going green.  Great idea!  We saw an opportunity to merge our desire to make a positive difference in this world with our talents in the recording studio.  The lightbulbs over our heads lit up and the songs started writing themselves.  We were close to finishing the album when I ran into our friend Scotty U. in a parking lot where we discussed the possibility of combining his story-telling/puppeteering abilities with our new project.  Scotty, being a very accomplished songwriter/music producer himself, ended up writing “Clean Up The Planet Game” and helped finish up the album.  We then created a live show weaving the songs into a story line that involves Scotty’s puppet Neerg (green spelled backwards) learning the basics of going green from me and Randy.  It truly is a joy to work with such good friends toward the honorable goal of inspiring young minds to go green with fun, laughter and music.”

You can find out all about it at:


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Multicultural children’s performer DARIA has spent the last two decades performing in the US and around the world, creating music to inspire all the world’s children. Along with five national awards for her culturally diverse music, Daria’s website (www.dariamusic.com) was given a 2009 Parent’s Choice Award and offers many great resources for teachers, parents and kids of all abilities.

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