(87) She Grows Her Own Food and Makes Her Own Compost!

Moving away from fertilizers toward more natural plant food is better for the quality of food and for the land as well.  A reader known by the wonderful name  “queen of the farm” writes:

“My suggestion for going green is make & use your own compost instead of using fertilizer!”

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Multicultural children’s performer DARIA has spent the last two decades performing in the US and around the world, creating music to inspire all the world’s children. Along with five national awards for her culturally diverse music, Daria’s website (www.dariamusic.com) was given a 2009 Parent’s Choice Award and offers many great resources for teachers, parents and kids of all abilities.

One thought on “(87) She Grows Her Own Food and Makes Her Own Compost!

  1. I am going to raise earthworms to do the composting. The food, newspapers, garden waste and all is then broken down by the earthworms and a liquid comes from that and will be used to fertilizer my garden naturally.

    Laura Tezer

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