(74) She Shares Art And Art Therapy With Children In Remote Places on The Planet:

Group Shot!

My name is Doris Loayza. I am a Peruvian who lives in New York City, but every summer I go back to my country and do workshops with children using art therapy techniques. My work is usually in the remote Andes mountains, or in places where children don’t have access to basic things. When I present my work to these children, they are so amazed with colors and textures. They become  involved in the activity immediately, and express their feelings and imaginations, their nature as children. And of course they always remember this experience, and keep asking for more workshops. I have a lot images to share, but there’s one I always remember. I was working in a very small Andean village called Puquio. The children were sitting at the table, watching how I was preparing the materials, and I observed that some of them were starting to salivate! As if they were watching a delicious meal about to be served!. And then I understand deeply how  basic and important art are for them!


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