(73) This Starbucks Challenges People To Make Art With Starbucks “Trash”!

"Truffla Trees" (in honor of the Lorax)

Starbucks Recycle Man


One Starbucks in Florida has teamed with local eco friendly retailer, repurposed4you.com, to create a competition to reuse in a most creative way.  Using coffee cups cups,  Frappuccino bottles and other “trash” , this Starbucks and its innovative owner asks patrons to create a masterpiece instead of throwing more items into the waste stream.

“Encouraging everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle where ever possible is priority, however sometimes, we see those things we love and it inspires us to create.” says local green business owner Shelly Grogan. Grogan continues, “ We hare happy to be part of this. Artists have a history of reuse and Starbucks has a Shared Planet initiative, seems like a perfect relationship to me.”





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