(53) They Create a Waldorf School In Hungary That Teaches The Most Beautiful Lessons in A Natural Way!

Krisztina from Szentendre, Hungary wrote to us about her inspiring school. She tells us:

“There’s a small village 10kms away, called Pilisszentlászló, where there is a Waldorf school with 150 students. My oldest daughter attends this school in Pilisszentlászló and my middle one starts there in September. I hope the new building will be finished by then…

As in all the other Waldorf schools kids do not use books but they write and illustrate their own. They use natural materials to write and draw, to knit, to build, to experiment. They learn how to grow vegetables, how to build a house, how to help disabled people and lots of interesting and very useful, human skills. In the same village there’s a place, called Pilisi Műhely, where we can learn about herbs and how to make tea, medicine, natural cosmetics from them. It’s also a centre of natural remedy, eg. craniosacral theraphy, homeopathy.

As the school building in this village became too small, this year the Waldorf school is about to build a building to give place for three classes. Teachers and parents have been working a lot together on this project to find the most environment and budget friendly solutions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaJrjnoZsJM
The kids of this school are sure to get to know the Earth better than we, who were not part of this educational system. But luckily, we can be parents at least :O).”


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