(47) He Shares Ideas About Conserving Energy With His Students At This Critical TIme in Japan!

Peter writes from Japan where the recent disaster has made the idea of conserving power even more immediate:

“My school is in Tokyo, Japan and we are currently trying our best to conserve energy due to the power shortages brought about by the damaged nuclear reactor.

Our classrooms receive lots of natural light so we have found that we do not require the use of all the lights, all day. At lunch time one of our classes are actually closing the curtains and having candle-lit lunches.

The schools office are also restricting there use of lights, not using the heating (wearing sweaters), and the elevator is not being used at all, (we are in a 5 story building).
Now that it is spring we are trying to spend a lot of time outdoors, (gardening, outdoor play, group games, drawing in the park using clip boards and pencils), and that way no electricity is being used in the classroom.”


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